The Power of Social Media

Social media has an infinite amount of information. Participating in Twitter chats and joining niche groups on Facebook gives you access to like minded people. Updates from other runners can inspire you to push harder, and links to races can inform you of events you may never have known about. Blogs allow you to post about your personal experiences and read about people that are interested in similar activities as you are. After all, you wouldn’t follow them if they didn’t, right? These people, their information and experiences, make you want to be your very best. To do your very best. They make you want to participate. And for some, deciding to participate in any type of fitness activity is challenge #1.

Social media can distort your image of what is healthy. It’s so easy to compare. It’s so easy to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you aren’t good enough, or to look in a magazine and decide you’ll never be that pretty or that skinny. Images traveling throughout social media can do that to you, too. Instagram, as we’ve discussed already, puts an endless stream of ab shots, flexed muscles and plank times right in your face for self-comparison. And consequently, self-criticism. Whenever you engage in social media environments, remind yourself: THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT ME. It’s okay if I don’t match them perfectly. Be sure to follow only those that really, truly tell you an awesome story…good abs or not.

Social media links to tools and technology that make it easy to keep track of your health and fitness. From MapMyRun to MyFitnessPal and countless other options, you can connect yourself one step further to those that do as you do — or not! Keep yourself quiet on these platforms and use them to keep track of your own progression. They can be really great for that. But if you engage on a social level, the inspiration is yours for the taking.