The “Thigh Gap”

Recently, my news feeds have been flooded with talk on “thigh gap” and even the National Post has an article on it. It seems everywhere you can find tutorials on how to slim down your thighs and get rid of fat between your legs so you can join the other beautiful women with this gap.

Introducing “the thigh gap”, aka the most desirable fashion accessory to hit social media since sliced bread or cleavage.The thigh gap is a body phenomena flaunted by supermodels, yearned for by plebs like you and I and documented extensively on blogs like this. About four hours ago, as far as I was concerned a “thigh gap” was something anyone could have if they stood up and placed their feet wider than hip distance apart. Wrong. A thigh gap is actually the hollow cavity which appears between the tops of your legs when you stand with your feet together. It’s not a particularly nice looking thing, it looks like someone cut it out on Photoshop.

It also means that your body is underweight. Urgh, this sucks already. Why can’t fit healthy women be in the spot light for once? Maybe it’s time for those guys to seize control of fashion from the remorselessly stick-thin, like how people always say the world would be a better place if women ruled it instead of men.

Anyways, let me know what you guys think!

I know which one I think is sexier…



4 thoughts on “The “Thigh Gap”

  1. A+ post. I have heard girls saying that the thigh gap is their main goal in life or that you’re over weight if your stomach is past your chest. So many ridiculous thoughts out there. When I first saw the post I thought you were going to say how you can achieve it but I’m really proud of what you wrote

    • It was amazing when I went to go do a little research on the thigh gap all that came up was ways to achieve it. I personally don’t like the look of it at all and don’t think it’s something girls should be striving for. I thought we were finally moving past the age of being a stick is beautiful… sucks that we are taking steps back. Haha on a side note , not sure if you have seen the new Cheerios commercial but it is empowering girls so that when we have kids hopefully they will never think about dieting or starving themselves.

  2. I just stumbled here by accident after resarch on this topic. I sincerly believe that nobody (if he is not a little strange) will find the left picture more sexy. That thigh gap thing is one of the most strange beauty trends so far (apart from looking sincerly sick, witch is a requirement in high fashion right now).

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