Best Workout EVER!


This is a post about my current workout routine and update on my 8 week running plan. By week four of running my knee began to excessively hurt like it used to when I was a runner. I believe that people should work through discomfort but not through pain. I still wanted to try my best to stay on track so I began finding various workouts on the elliptical. I hate how the elliptical has such a “girly” stereotype… it’s actually a fantastic workout and not nearly as damaging to your joints as running is.

Anyways, the point of this post is that I found a new machine at my gym called the Lateral X by Octane. You can do anything from vertical stairs to a skating/skiing motion. It is so much fun and is an overall fantastic workout. I’ve been telling all my friends and family about this machine. It is on the pricey side so try to find a gym that has these machines. They really give you a kick ass workout and don’t put any strain on your joints. I do about 10 miles and 7000 steps on this and I feel incredibly invigorated afterwards. Give it a try!