Collect your Healthy Recipes!


As much as I would love it if exercising was all you needed to do to stay healthy, the reality is that what you eat has a large impact on your overall health. I have yet to post anything about meal ideas or programs so I thought I would start by introducing a social media website called

This platform allows you to browse any type of meal from anywhere in the world to satisfy your cravings. I have a few of these apps on my phone but I enjoy the social network of Recipefy. I love being able to store my favourite recipes and share them with friends. Also, if I find something that works for me I have the ability to post it for everyone to see.

If you are looking for fresh ideas and a community to share your findings with you should check out Recipefy!


Becoming a Runner

I used to be quite that athlete and could run for hours but as I have gotten older and life came knocking on my door…I can barely run 10 minutes.

I thought I would take you guys on my 8 week journey from running 2 minutes to 30 minutes. The internet has a plethora of motivational photos and quotes as my blog has demonstrated. I would love to be able to run 30 minutes again, it will also help with my cross-fit challenges like “Spartan Race” and “Tough Mudder”.

My Plan :

Overall I will be eating healthy and taking my daily multivitamin along with drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep. My other cardio like cycle fit and weight lifting will still be incorporated into my daily routine.

Week 1 – Run 2 min, walk 1 min  X10 = 30 min

Week 2 – Run 3 min, walk 1 min X8 = 32 min

Week 3 – Run 4 min, walk 1 min X6 = 30 min

Week 4 – Run 6 min, walk 1 min X4 = 28 min

Week 5 – Run 9 min, walk 1min X3 = 30 min

Week 6 – Run 12 min, walk 1 min X2 = 26 min

Week 7 – Run 15 min, walk 1 min X2 = 32 min

Week 8 – Run 30 min! 🙂

Do this routine 3 times per week before advancing to the next week.